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Australian Kids Show - Hunter

Hi Everyone! I'm new, my name is Katie :D
Does anyone remember the show 'Hunter'?
I'm not really sure how to describe it in a way that will make people remember it but here goes:
....he had a pet mouse and he used to ride around on his bike solving sort of scientific questions, for example something like "How is Ice-Cream Made?"
Hunter had a moustache and would wear a hat and trench coat all the time and he would take his mouse on his investigations on his bike. The mouse sat in a little custon made house sort of thing which was postioned on the handle bars of his bike.
Ring any bells?
anyways I really love this community, reading back through all the posts has just made me so happy, remembering all the shows that I loved when I was little. Thanks everyone :D
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I remember Hunter very well... I saw him one day at my local shopping centre!!

I broke into the theme music... so I hope it was him anyway haha
ooooo can you sing/type the theme music for me? I don't really remember how it goes...something like: "Hunter HUUUNNNNNNTERRRR"
hahaha :D
In exchange for your singing/typing Hunter's Theme toon I will sing/type the little song the wizard in Puddle Lane sings when he is stirring his magic puddle *ahem* "Pom pom pom-pom POMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM"
Whenever I see a man with a hat and a moustache I think of Hunter...I loved that show :)
i loved that show!!
it always seems no one else remembers it! hehe yay
It was truely an entertaining and very informative show :D
Hunter sort of reminds me of my dad (cos he has a moustache) hahaha...maybe thats why I love the show so much heeheeheehee :D
I ♥ Hunter. For some reason I think the mouse's name was Albert. I don't know if that's right though.
HI KATE!! hehehehe :D
you know, Albert does seem familiar, I think that must be his name.
...that mouse was so smart hahaha :D
i sort of remember that show . . . i think we used to watch it at school.
He had a cat called CC, who was always on the computer if I remember rightly. Can't find anything on google, but I know it existed!
not part of this community but just read your post anyways

is that the show that went "who what where when whhhhhyyyyyyy" or something? and he was friends with a little girl? i remember watching that in year 2 at school each week :P


September 23 2008, 07:08:07 UTC 9 years ago

Yep i remember it. It was cool. "hunter, always willing to catch and go...he bla bla bal bal abla...who what where and when....hes Hunter!"
His cat had an old ladies voice as I recall...and looked a bit like roadkill.