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Does anyone remember this?

IDK if this is the right way to post this? But I saw something akin to this here...If there's a better place please show me the way.

When I was young, I was watching some saturday morning cartoon block, and right after the offical block ended, there was a special program.

It was a closed caption program for kids who were deaf (this was back before there was closed captioning on everything). Now I think it was hosted by LeVar Burton, but i'm not sure, I can't find it in his Filmography.

But it was about this stableboy who found a dragon egg, (Dragons were common in this world setting) and no one wanted it, so he raised it on it's own. Eventually he had to enter it in some sort of Dragon battle when it grew up, but it was mute and couldn't roar and it got hurt badly in it's fight.

I remember the boy saying "I don't know I've never heard 'dragon name' roar" and if I recall the dragon was blue.

If anyone could give me a clue as to what this was, I'd really appreciate it.
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